What’s ‘app’ with your social media

You too can run a successful social media account.

It’s easier than it actually looks.

These are some apps over the years I’ve come across that I absolutely love. They can transform any Instagram picture and make it into an influencer’s dream photo!

Everyone has an app they love. For me, a user-friendly app is the way to go because I don’t have time to learn how to use it and then create a whole project.

Try these apps out if you haven’t already. They will take you from amateur to pro in a minute:

  • Planoly: This app is great for those who like to have a continued grid layout. You can drag and drop photos across your social media and plan your posts before the world sees them.
  • Lightroom: I use Lightroom for every photo. It’s an in-depth way of editing the contrast brightness and all of your color editing needs. You can also purchase presets from some of your favorite influencers to have your feed look just like theirs.
  • Facetune: Who likes to look wrinkly? I don’t. I use Facetune just to smooth. I hardly use it for that, actually. More often than not, it’s to blur something out of focus or a specific area to shade. They also have some great filters in the app.
  • InShot: It’s great to edit together a video clip or reels. It’s super user-friendly, so anyone can use it. Many video apps are hard to use and take hours for one clip.
  • Pinterest: I know it’s technically a social media platform, but I use it for inspiration boards or to get ideas from others. With simple word searches, things will pop up and you can pin it for later. It’s more helpful than you think.

Stay Unfiltered,

Antonio Postorino



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