What Delivery Dudes sale means to Boca customers


Delray Beach-based Delivery Dudes just completed a sale of its assets to Waitr, a publicly traded company.

Here’s a Q&A with founder Jayson Koss on what the sale will mean for Boca Raton customers.

Q: How many restaurants and customers do you estimate you have in Boca Raton?

A: We can’t release that information now that we’re a public company…but lots. We have been serving Boca Raton for over 10 years.

Q: Is this one of your bigger markets and is it growing?

A: Boca is one of our oldest markets and we have great market penetration there.

Q: You’ve already expanded to 50 cities since you started the company in 2009. What will this agreement do for customers of Delivery Dudes that you can’t already do?

A: Delivery Dudes has historically been the beloved underdog in the delivery space. We’ve done so much with so little. With Waitr behind us, we’ll be able to step on all the gas pedals in terms of technology, marketing, etc.

Q: Will this allow you to hire more drivers to ensure faster deliveries?

A: We’re always looking to hire more drivers.

Q: Will there be a different delivery charge for customers and by how much?

A: Nothing is changing from a pricing perspective. Same Dudes, same great service.

Q: Will the delivery area become larger? For instance, will you be able to deliver to Boca from Delray if you don’t already do that, or Deerfield or Pompano?

A: Nothing is changing about our service.

Q: Will this sale be invisible to customers? Is there anything else about the new agreement that will affect customers in Boca?

A: This will be virtually invisible to the customers.

Q: Anything else you want to say to your customers here?

A: Words can’t express my and the Dudes gratitude for supporting our locally owned and operated Delivery Dudes for all these years. We’ve loved making all of your lives better one delivery at a time. For more information about Delivery Dudes visit

By Marci Shatzman



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