Use videos to hype your views online

Keep it reel!

Everyone’s Instagram algorithm has been going crazy. Many people have their own insight of what they believe will really work to boost their social media presence and grow their engagement.

After speaking with tons of influencers, brands, and even looking at my own Instagram, the best way right now to grow is Instagram reels, which mimic the fairly new craze app TikTok.

You can share videos across the platforms to massive amounts of people.

Many videos have been getting triple the amount of views than you do followers because these videos are seen on an explore page.

If a new account sees the video and loves the content, they will be sure to follow you directly for more.

Some videos include dancing, cooking, try on hauls or even videos with catchy music.

Give it a try and keep it reel!

Stay Unfiltered,

Antonio Postorino


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