Vicki Katz retired. Meet Faulk’s new CEO


Once fundraisers start up again, supporters will find there’s a new face for the Faulk Center for Counseling in west Boca. After eight years, well-known CEO Vicki Katz has retired.

Here’s Jonathan Price, formerly vice president of Grants and Fund Development for Alzheimer’s Community Care.

Q: When did you come onboard?

A: First day on Dec. 1. I spent the month transitioning. Vicki’s retirement was planned. She made it clear she will still be involved as a volunteer.

Q: Mental health has been a major issue in this pandemic. Is that what Faulk is seeing?

A: We have seen an uptick in people needing services. Faulk has had a telehealth model. We do see higher attendance rates and could expand our geographical footprint. We saw a drop-off at first and those people came back. Now we’re hitting pre-pandemic levels and we know the need has increased.

Q: Will services like counseling and support groups resume at your octagon-shaped building at 22455 Boca Rio Road?

A: We do plan on resuming services, but the timeline will always be in flux, depending on comfort in the community and vaccinations rollout. We will continue to provide telehealth as an option and a standard way of providing services.

Q: I’m sure you have your own agenda and priorities for change.

A: I’m a tech guy so I’m exploring a way to invest in equipment. We will set up specific rooms with proper conferencing setups, with telehealth and group face to face.

Q: Faulk is known for low- or no-cost mental health services. How will that continue in this environment?

A: My vision is really the board’s vision. Why aren’t more people taking advantage of the services? So I’ll be looking at outreach and marketing tools like our printed collateral as  part of a bigger brand messaging. Another is engaging funders and partners to expand the scope and reach of our services. Looking at some bigger funders in the community. We have to make sure the cost of operations are covered so we can provide low-cost or no-cost services to the public.

Q: Faulk is also known for support groups.

A: We’re starting to see participation pick up, particularly seniors and teens, bridging the generational gaps.

Q: Faulk has a role in school mental health now.

A: We have three licensed clinicians on staff and one is in charge of the school programs. We have people co-located at the schools: our doctoral graduate level interns provide direct services. We go to other schools if needed for group counseling services.

Q: Tell people about you personally.

A: My wife Kelly and I are the proud parents of our daughter Josie. I was a military brat. My Dad was in the Air Force. I spent 12 years in England. My mother is part English. What spoke to me about mental health was my sister. Having grown up with a severely mentally and physically disabled sister, I have seen first-hand how stress and anxiety can negatively affect a family.

By Marci Shatzman


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