Use social media to get your word out loud


Hey guys!  WOW! What a response I’ve gotten from my first article. Thank you a million times over to all of you who wrote in to congratulate me.

After taking to social media and asking what else you all wanted to hear more about, the general consensus was “How to build a social media following for a small local business.”
During Covid, as we all know, businesses suffered. Especially the local ones. Right now, more than ever they need our help.

Social media plays a huge part in the community. Not only does it give us our news, but you can share where you are or what you do.

Some tips I have for building a hyper-local audience on social media are:

  • Use hashtags! This is a big way for people to see your business without even knowing what you are. Instagram allows up to 30 per feed post.
  • Geotag the location. Maybe your business is downtown Mizner Park. Use the Mizner geotag on the photo and when someone clicks on it, your photo comes up just like a hashtag.
  • Ask for community help. If you don’t ask, then you may not get the help. When customers come into the store, make it known you’re on social media and have them follow for any updates you may have or even a special incentive. They may not have millions of followers but even a simple Instagram story can attract a huge audience.
  • POST!! So many businesses say they are on social media but haven’t updated it in months. Don’t expect to grow if you’re not active with posting, at the very least once a week.
  • Have fun with it. Social media isn’t meant to be so uptight. It’s a fun creative outlet for you to show your business’ unique identity.  People love to see creative content versus a boring typed flyer.  Yes, I know all of these things can seem difficult and confusing. Take it step by step and your business will definitely see results.
    Stay Unfiltered,
    Antonio Postorino


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