Use influencers to market your brand

Influencers are the new wave of marketing. It’s a multi BILLION-dollar industry.
You may think for a positive result you need to bring in a huge influencer and pay thousands of dollars in hope of a ROI [return on investment].
That’s so not the case.
If your budget can afford a large-scale influencer, go for it. Just make sure they cover your niche.
An influencer doesn’t have to have millions of followers to influence.
For a hyperlocal business, you can create a large impact with a micro influencer who lives in that area and has tons of followers that live nearby.
A great way to connect with an influencer is send them a DM [direct message, a private communicate between social media users].
Or email invite them to try your product or service for an honest social media review.
Not only will you reach thousands of people, but also get in the face of people who may not have seen you before.
An extra tip: Give them a unique discount code for their followers to save money as a new customer and track who is bringing you the most clientele.
South Florida is full of community members with large social media followings.
Stay Unfiltered,
Antonio Postorino


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