Time your media campaign for successful launch

Set yourself apart by developing a social media campaign around a specific launch, holiday or promotion.

Since social media is flooded with content every day, keeping up is key to growing a successful brand.

Here are my tips for a successful social media campaign:

  • Think outside the box. Be bold and daring with what you’re promoting. Don’t be afraid to make it pop to get more viewers.
  • Obtain engagement. The way to grow is by having your content shared with others. A great way to do that is by including a giveaway. Make sure one of the rules is you must engage with the post, as well as share it with others. That will result in growth.
  • Videos are a great way to get a ton of information out in a small time frame. Quick motions and seamless editing will definitely grab viewers’ attention. Everyone always wants to know more then what a photo can show.
  • Use content creators. That’s a great way to have your campaign reach your target audience and attract others. Having your brand backed by a well-known influencer will solidify the brand trust among consumers.
  • As much as it’s important to have stellar content, the caption is where it’s at. Make sure to have a caption that will resonated with viewers by using compelling headlines and witty catch phrases.

Stay Unfiltered,

Antonio Postorino


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