The show must go on

Nothing can stop Lynn University’s traditional theater and music performances for the public at-large. Here’s a Q&A with Conservatory of Music Dean Jon Robertson.

Q: Is the Wold Performing Arts Center on campus dark until this is over?

A: Yes. We have classes there. We don’t have a date for reopening. We’ll see where the pandemic is to open the auditorium.

Q: Most of your Conservatory music students were international. Is that still the case?

A: When I took over the Conservatory it was 70%, 30% foreign to American. We are now close to 70% American. Now, when beginning students audition for major conservatories, we are on their list.

Q: Lynn music students never sound like students. How do you get that across for audiences?

A: It is a fact they don’t sound like students. We consider them to be young artists with that level of talent. The big drawing power of the Conservatory is exceptional faculty. They are coming to study with a specific teacher.

Q: Who performed in the Dean’s Showcase in April?

A: We have 104 students and at least 50 are living on campus and some of those individuals will be performing. We have a weekly forum and they perform for each other and the faculty. The faculty critiques for the dean’s showcases.

[Lynn University has posted a tribute to Jan McArt, who directed their theater program for many years. A former theater impresario in Boca, her name is inscribed in the Walk of Recognition on Royal Palm Place. She passed away suddenly in late January.]



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