Students want CoronaCant to spur a movement

“CoronaCant” started as a way for Boca High service clubs to connect and stay positive. Their mantra: “We still have power over our daily lives….and we can use this time of self-quarantine and social isolation and stay connected as a team.”

Now co-founders, alum Luke Lynch and English teacher Jordan Hernandez, want to morph this into a movement. They just posted a web with links to Instagram and a YouTube video. “This movement does what Luke did so well, bring people together,” Hernandez said. “I would love to see unity in the community. If no one shares the message, it’s not a movement.”

“We want to keep the message simple and meaningful,” added Lynch, now a freshman at American University in D.C. He even reached out to Boca Raton city council to spread the word, “so it’s local government reaching out around the world.”

Boca Raton High School student leaders created the initial public forum through Google Classroom to create a platform to connect students to online exercises, yoga and mental health resources.

Now the video on their web site extends to students at other Palm Beach County schools, from Dreyfoos School of the Arts to Spanish River and Atlantic High Schools. Student announced in their native language what coronavirus can’t stop them from doing.

By Marci Shatzman


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