Rita Case’s heartfelt homage to her husband

Rick Case, an automotive and marketing giant honored nationally and a major philanthropist has passed away.  Case, CEO and founder of The Rick Case Automotive Group, was 77. Married for 40 years, Rita Case was not only his wife. She was the company COO, mother of their grown children and a partner in   their vast philanthropic efforts.

Here’s Rita Case’s remembrance:

“Rick had the most amazing mind for problem solving. He set his goals so high, most could not dream that big. His work ethic and passion to succeed was very intense and always had me chasing to keep up.

“He always treated me as his equal and allowed me to share in his spotlight of success.

“Let there be no doubt, Rick created, built, and operated his company with a single passion to be the biggest and best. He spent hours every day educating himself on the latest information about the auto industry and I learned from him every day.

“I will miss our morning meetings and sharing our ‘to do list.’ He told me he had no doubt I could continue our business success without him.

“I trust his confidence in me and will make him proud as will our children. He was a wonderful husband and loving father.

“I will miss him so much; he was truly one of a kind and always so positive. I’m so proud of him and thankful to have shared 40 years with such a special, caring, and supportive husband.”



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