Restaurant update with Duffy’s Sports Grill president

Who better than Duffy’s Sports Grill president Joe Webb to give diners an update on the regional chain’s American bistro restaurants.

Q: Are you opening or closing any new restaurants in this area?

A: We’re looking at new restaurants. We were able to reopen all 34 and everyone is operating in full capacity. We’re very happy with how things are going.

Q: Are you making any changes in the restaurants in our area including east Boca, west Boca, Deerfield on Federal Highway, or in Boynton or Delray?

Q: In Deerfield Beach, we added some covered patio seating. We already had a full patio in west Boca, the same on St. Andrews Boulevard in Boca Raton. In Delray and in Boynton east, we added covered outdoor seating. Boynton west was already a full patio. It’s beautiful. We have TVs on the patios for sure.

Q: The east Boca Duffy’s was already in need of a redo. Is that scheduled?

A: We just did the floor in Boca. We’re planning a remodel on Clematis in West Palm Beach, a total remodel exterior and interior. We plan on updating the bar, adding dining room and patio seating. That’s in the initial planning stage. We will keep it open as long as we can, and we’ll let everyone know.

Q: I noticed you’re making menu changes. Are they all online if customers want to see them before they come in or order?

A: They’re all online.  We just introduced a new line of burgers. The new lunch menu includes a new turkey club, Asian chopped salad, southern fried chicken salad. Old favorites include Tex-Mex eggroll and firecracker shrimp. There’s a new ahi tuna tataki, and we’ll bring back shrimp cocktail, cocoanut shrimp and shrimp cobb salad.

We’re revamping our cocktail menu. We embrace our 2-for-1 drinks, so we’ll introduce 25 starting in mid-July: alcoholic lemonade and ice tea, frozen drinks and a couple of new margaritas. We’re adding local beers for each location.

Q: Duffy’s is a sports bar known for games and sporting events like fights. Will you step up marketing sporting events on TV, and what will you do over the summer?

A: We’ll do pay-for-view events. We ramped them up. They’re very popular, so we’re doing them more than ever.

Q: What about discounts like half a rack Thursday nights, kids eat free Wednesday nights, etc. Are they all the same?

A: We’ll keep them going, especially when kids eat free. We believe that fresh qualify and quality fast service will propel us to our future.

By Marci Shatzman


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