Progress report on one of Boca’s fastest-growing companies

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It’s hard to keep up with Modernizing Medicine co-founder and CEO Dan Cane. The medical software company he started 10 years ago in February with a dermatologist has grown way past his prediction of 800 new jobs.

And since this email interview, the busy executive was appointed by the governor to the Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees, subject to senate confirmation.

The firm recently made news by announcing the acquisition of orthopedics electronic health records vendor Exscribe. Founded in 2000 by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ranjan Sachdev, they share a common vision, Cane said in this Q&A on what this latest development means for his company.

Q: Did you decide to grow the company through acquisition?

A: This is not Modernizing Medicine’s first acquisition. As the healthcare IT market continues to grow, so does the need to continue to innovate to provide best of breed technologies to clients. Both Modernizing Medicine and Exscribe have a strong, shared commitment to customer success and patient outcomes. The acquisition will augment our individual successes. We believe that together, the two companies will be even better positioned to transform how healthcare information is created, consumed and utilized to increase practice efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

Q: Will Escribe move to your headquarters on the Boca Raton Innovation Campus or will they operate remotely?

A: Exscribe’s office in Pennsylvania will remain open (virtually for now). Modernizing Medicine plans to keep this office location for the foreseeable future.

Q: Will that firm keep their brand, or will they be absorbed into Modernizing Medicine? Will that mean more customers for both of you?

Q: In the near term, the Exscribe brand will remain in place and Exscribe customers should experience minimal immediate changes. Much of the Exscribe product and customer support teams will remain in place to continue providing the same services providers have relied on for years.

Q: Is this a new medical specialty for your company?

A: Modernizing Medicine currently offers a suite of specialty orthopedic EHR solutions: modmed Orthopedics includes the specialty specific EHR, EMA, as well as Practice Management, Analytics and more. Users of modmed Orthopedics will also continue to have access to the technology. Looking to the future of technology innovation in orthopedics, by bringing together the combined specialty specific expertise of Modernizing Medicine and Exscribe, the company is better positioned than ever to serve customers in the rapidly evolving healthcare market.

Q: Will this mean more jobs here? Originally you predicted 800 more jobs within a year but that was before the pandemic.

A: The majority of the Exscribe workforce and executive leadership team are now part of Modernizing Medicine. With the addition of the Exscribe workforce, Modernizing Medicine is now over 950 employees. We plan to continue hiring extensively in 2021 to meet the growing need for our products and solutions.

By Marci Shatzman


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