Perception is everything


When establishing your business, the perception of you and your brand must be top notch. Embellishing isn’t a bad thing; I actually highly recommend it.

Your title should explain your niche without having to write a novel on what you do. A great example is to say, ‘celebrity colorist,’ instead of ‘hairstylist.’

I bet if both were on the same page for an ad, you’d go straight to the celebrity colorist because of their assumed clientele. When in reality, that celebrity client is most likely not JLO.

It’s all in your word association.

Credentials in the form of training and awards are huge, too. Most fields offer many programs and certificates you can receive beyond what is qualified for the position. Include this on any promotional material, websites and social media as possible. This helps with any SEO, if someone was to Google just your niche and the city you are based in. You will become the go-to person when your business is in need.

Make yourself stand out and diversify yourself from everyone else. Not only with your title, but within your branding use non-generic words. Add in what I like to call ‘fluff,’ like luxurious, white-glove service, best in class, etc. These words give off an emotion that make people feel good about spending money and themselves.

Now is the time to revamp any previous branding and start fresh for 2021. Get out there and make it count.
Stay Unfiltered,
Antonio Postorino



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