New sound coming for Boca’s Mason Pace music

Boca Raton’s own Mason Pace has a track record as a songwriter, acoustic guitarist and band leader.

Pace has headlined festivals and concerts. Opened for the likes of Cheap Trick, Joan Jett and Phil Collins. And locally books regular gigs at Crazy Uncle Mike’s, one of the few live music venues in Boca.

“Mason is a talented young artist who is determined to rock every stage.  He is focused on his original music, yet can play classic rock hits better than many of the actual bands who made them famous,” says owner Michael Goodwin.

Now Pace is building buzz for the release of his second album and single with a new sound he describes as “big.”

He’s booked into The Funky Biscuit at Royal Palm Place for a free gig May 20. Here’s how to RSVP off his website:

“I am about to release music sooner than you think. My music videos are ready to go. My songs are completely produced and recorded in LA [Los Angeles].” he told Boca Voice. “A new sound and look and logo will be revealed soon…on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and

“My writing style is grander, heavier, more driving and the new sound is really big. The band is bigger,” Pace said. “The new music has orchestra, choirs, keyboards and so many guitars,” as separate tracks.

Mason, 19, started playing at 4. He had a keyboard in the house and was taking piano lessons. “It just came really naturally to me,” he said. “When I was 7, I picked up the guitar for the first time and my teacher said ‘you have perfect pitch.’ ’’ Why is that important for a musician? “I am able to hear and learn songs really quickly and can hear if a note is out of tune,” Pace explained.

His talent came as no surprise to his dad, Todd, who hooked him up with famous record producer Mark Hudson. He was 11. He’s still his No. 1 supporter and fan. “I knew when his guitar teacher told him he had perfect pitch, so we got him into music theory and guitar lessons. Now he’s about to release his second album, and his first single off this new album.”

On a wider stage, Pace has been with the well-known Gibson guitar brand since the summer of 2019. “They asked me to showcase their new acoustic line in Nashville,” he said. His latest axe is “this beautiful wine red Les Paul Studio,” he said.

Pace said he has considered auditioning for TV’s music reality shows, but right now he’s putting that on the back burner. “I think pushing my own music and performing a lot in my area, I can create the fan base on my own.” he said.

By Marci Shatzman


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