New Boca nonprofit asks for help during crisis

Boca’s non-profits are hurting with fundraisers canceled and donations down. There’s even a new one asking for help. Here’s a Q&A on with Spirit of Giving Network executive director Lindy Harvey:

Q: How was this started and why?

A: Mayor Scott Singer contacted the Spirit of Giving last week with the idea for  He bought the domain and donated it to us to build the website.

It’s a collaborative site with Spirit of Giving and Boca Raton Interfaith Clergy Association.  The Silver Logic donated their time to build the site.

Q: Why did you think this was needed?

A: Mayor Scott Singer wanted the Boca Raton community to connect people who need help to people who can give help.

Q: Who specifically needs help and why?

A: Homebound, people who need help in this uncertain time. Help with essential supplies, picking up prescriptions etc. Information about where to find resources.

Q: What specifically do you want donors to do?

A: We want people to sign up to help volunteer picking up and delivering supplies. At this time, we expect recipients to pay for their supplies.  If donations come in, we can cover this cost. There is a donate button on the web site. Donations will be used to pay for supplies, prescriptions etc.

Q: If people donate through BocaHelps, who will distribute the money and when?

A: When donations come in, we can cover the cost of supplies, prescriptions, etc. purchases.  There is a donate button on the website.

By Marci Shatzman


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