Must haves for virtual meetings

Virtual software like Zoom has officially taken over as the new wave of meetings. Even though virtual meetings have been taking place for months, some people don’t seem to have the hang of it.

A good virtual meeting setup is key for a successful day at work. See my top recommendations for what to have in your home office to elevate your virtual calls.

  • AirPods: It’s a meeting. Both parties need to hear each other clearly, so AirPods are a must.
  • Hands-free noise canceling headphones:
  • Ring light: Lighting is key. Sit against a blank wall and prop up this Ring light, so you don’t look like you’re sitting in a cave.
  • Laptop and phone charger: Sometimes in your ‘Zoom studio’ there is no easy access to an outlet. No one wants their devices to die, so a heavy-duty charger will keep you going until you can plug in again.
  • Planner: Working from home, you sometimes lose track of time, double book or run late to hop on a call. Putting your daily tasks and calls in a planner will keep you from slipping up.
  • Water bottle: Don’t just plan your workday, plan your personal day and remember to stay hydrated. Yes, this isn’t such a business tip; but I bet you’ll notice a difference if you stay on the mark with drinking a large amount of water daily.

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Antonio Postorino



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