Mask lawsuit won’t typecast council contender


This is Josie Machovec’s first run for public office as a candidate for the March 9 Municipal Election. She’s running for seat C against temporary council member Yvette Drucker, former deputy mayor Constance Scott and Bernie Korn.

Q: Voters will want to know who you are.

A: I was raised in the greater Boca Raton area since I was 5. I will be 36 by the time the election happens. I am married for 8.5 years to Nicholas Machovec. Our children are Tirzah, 6, NoaBelle, 4.5, and Shiloh is 2. I attended what is now Palm Beach State, but didn’t graduate. I moved to Israel when I was 19 because I wanted an adventure and figured I would attend university later in life, which hasn’t happened yet. I was home schooled, but participated on the swim team at Spanish River High School. I am a stay-at-home mother. My background professionally was in sales and customer service.

Q: Why are you are a plaintiff in the lawsuit questioning the legality of the county’s mask mandate?

A: To clarify, I am not against people wearing masks. If someone wants to or feels the need to wear one, I think they should. I am against the government forcing businesses to deny people entry into their establishments because of a fear of a fine. This happened to me and my husband, who also has an exemption under the county order. He was denied entry to a restaurant, not because the restaurant was concerned he wasn’t wearing a mask, but because they were concerned the county would find out and fine them for it. I decided to join the suit because of the lack of data proving masks are safe and effective. I like to know why I’m doing something, so I research. I asked our county health representative and other county leaders multiple times for scientific studies that show masks are safe for use for multiple hours a day and are effective at stopping Covid-19. They ignored these questions. So, I spoke to air quality experts, my own medical professional, friends who work in the medical field and more. The case is currently in appeal. Just in the last couple of weeks, we filed a Motion for Disqualification of the judge.

Q: This is a bi-partisan race. Are you positioning yourself as the Conservative alternative?

A: I am actually embracing the bi-partisan nature of this race and positioning myself as a person for the people. My platform is one of being a voice for the people and of vision. I have looked over the Comprehensive Plan that was laid out in the ‘80’s or so. While I see the vision behind it, there is a disconnect with where we are today. I feel like now this city is without vision, changing with the tides. We need to recenter and find our vision again.

Q: What made you decide to run?

A: The Covid-19 lockdown was when I first started getting involved politically. I was just a mom asking questions such as, ‘when can I take my kids to the playgrounds again?’ that were met with silence. Digging deeper into local issues, I saw first-hand how our local government has impact on our daily lives and saw that if I wanted to see change, I would need to be more proactive.

Q: How will you campaign?

A: We are running a grassroots campaign!

I take my children to parks and playgrounds and naturally chat with parents there. I plan to do door knocking, emails, and social media outreach.

Donate: Paypal or Zelle to 

IG: @bocaneedsjosie

FB Boca Needs Josie

Q: Is there anything else you want to say?

A: The world right now is so intense with putting people in boxes. People see me as a plaintiff on the lawsuit and automatically assume many things about me without even speaking to me. I ask people to give me a chance, ask me questions, share with me their concerns or things they love about the city. To take a moment to hear what I have to say because my heart is to help my community no matter what happens with this election.

By Marci Shatzman




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