“Laverne & Shirley’s” Cindy Williams in Boca with new one-woman show

Cindy Williams has a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for her acting chops, but most fans know her as Shirley Feeney. She shared top billing with the late Penny Marshall in one of TV’s iconic series “Laverne & Shirley” from 1976 to ’83.

Now Williams is in Boca at The Wick Theatre from June 10 to 27 in “Me, Myself & Shirley,” a theatrical version of her memoir. Executive producer Marilynn Wick said she’s excited to have the world premiere at The Wick.

Q: How did you come up with this idea of a one-woman show? Was it something you  had in mind as a replacement for “Nunsense” you were originally starring in at The Wick?

A: While the idea of a one-woman show has crossed my mind several times over the years, it was only last fall that the stars aligned.  I had just met my producer, Charles Duggan, over the phone regarding another project.  When the “Nunsense” creator, Dan Goggin, called to say that “Nunsense” could not proceed at The Wick during the pandemic restrictions, he suggested that Charles and I create a one-woman show.  It was all very serendipitous.

We began working on the show in September, 2020, but, thanks to the pandemic, we did not actually meet until March 2021.  It was a real crunch to create a whole show in such a short time, but we did it and I can’t wait to share it with the audiences at The Wick.

Q: Will this be your first live performance since the pandemic?

A: I was performing in a play in Kansas City when the restrictions hit and we had to shut down.  Half of the pandemic period has been taking up preparing this show.  This is my first performance since the restrictions began to ease.  It’s going to be such fun to be back in the theater again with an audience.

Q: Do you have any South Florida or Boca connections?

A: I have played Florida before, but this engagement at The Wick seems very special for many reasons:  One, it is a celebration of the easing of the restrictions and, two, it is my first chance ever to share the story of my career with the wonderful audiences at The Wick Theatre.

By Marci Shatzman


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