January Publisher’s Letter

It’s Peter Gary, publisher of the Boca Voice.

Welcome to the January edition of our monthly newsletter.

You can expect more of the same in 2020, as Boca continues to grow and change from a single-family home and retirement town to a busy urban center.

The city’s on track to attract more corporate headquarters. And to accommodate the influx of young families, the new Verde K-8 is going up while Verde Elementary is in a temporary holding school. Another K-8 and a grade school will be built in Boca next.

You’ll see more condos and apartments coming online to accommodate millennials and Boomers who are downsizing. They all want to walk to restaurants and shopping, a big lifestyle change from depending on cars to get around.

Brightline, aka Virgin Trains USA, is counting on that to generate passengers for their new Boca station and parking lot downtown. This isn’t government that moves at a snail’s pace. So, once their permits are in place, the private, hi-speed rail line between Miami and Orlando is expected to start construction.

If you follow politics, Thursday is the official start of Boca’s 2020 political season.

The city’s municipal election piggybacks on the presidential preference primary on March 17. You may think that’s nearly three months away. But in Boca, the qualifying period for city council candidates starts Jan. 2.

So far, Mayor Scott Singer and Bernard Korn, who ran before, are the only candidates on the ballot for mayor. Andy Thomson and Andrea Levine O’Rourke are running for re-election to their respective council seats. But challengers have jumped in at the last minute before. And the qualifying period doesn’t end until 5 p.m. Jan. 10.

By the way, city council doesn’t meet again until Monday Jan. 13. All three municipal meetings involving council are on that same day. Council’s regular meeting is usually Tuesday night. But that’s Palm Beach County Day, so council will be in Tallahassee for the start of the legislative session.

Have a happy and healthy New Year. And thanks for following all these developments and more on our web site and Facebook page.


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