“I Will Survive” disco queen shows support for homeless help

Gloria Gaynor, the famous disco queen of “I Will Survive” fame, just released a clip showing support for Changing Lives. The Boca nonprofit helps homeless people who “are ready to change their lives and become self-reliant.”

Changing Lives’ volunteer, talent agent Todd Frank, reached out to Gaynor through his show business contacts, said Lesly Morales, nonprofit chief operating officer for Investments Limited’s Jim Batmasian, who started the nonprofit in 2019.

Gaynor’s agent said “she was happy to do it. We got her permission to push it out to all social media to show artists are involved in the homeless issue,” Morales said. “We were humbled by the fact that Changing Lives was chosen, especially because we’re a grassroots organization.”

Morales got the unexpected text at home on a weekend and couldn’t have been more surprised and delighted, she said. “We’re not sure what will happen next. But to raise awareness of the homeless issue, at the state level, the county level, even the interfaith level has always been an issue,” she said. The Covid-19 crisis has just increased job insecurity, she added.

Will Changing Lives keep in touch with Gaynor? “Yes, through Todd and her agent to keep her informed. She didn’t make any promises,” Morales said.

Changing Lives provides temporary housing/shelter; food, clothes, toiletries, hot showers, haircuts; access to rehabilitation and mental health programs; referrals to job training, trade school and other services.

By Marci Shatzman


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