Expert advice on wearing makeup with a mask

Photography by: ©Michael B. LloydJill Oscar is a licensed makeup artist with credentials from Marilu Henner to politicians for TV and bridal.

Her demographic is mixed. “Instructional, bringing women to the mall and a tutorial. TV, film and corporate clients. Half is bridal. I’m a freelance artist, so I’m mobile,” she said, adding Salon Rumors in Boca is her bridal spot.

Here’s Oscar’s advice on how to look good wearing makeup with a mask.

Q: It doesn’t appear masks will go away anytime soon. But as women go out and about, they still want to look good. I read you should only wear a tint. Is that true?

A: Before that step, have your skin looking the best it can. Use a really good moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. Your skin reacts to it. Your skin looks plumper. And drink a lot of water. A sunscreen is a must, especially in Florida.

Q: Should you rethink your usual foundation. What should you wear instead?

A: A long-wearing foundation is really good because it won’t come off on the mask. If it’s too dry, you can put a little moisturizing in the foundation, a drop or two.

Q: What if you wear a concealer under your makeup. Should you still do that?

A: Use a waterproof concealer, something you can layer so it doesn’t look chalky. Not a powder. Like a cream in a tube.

Q: Let’s talk eye makeup. The women who look best usually wear more heavily made up eyes than you see in the daytime. Is that correct?

A: First, your brows should be groomed. It will give you more of a put together, polished look. You can focus on the eyes. I always use MAC Paint Pots. It’s a primer for your eyes. You can use it by itself as a matte or with a very sheer shimmer.

Q: What about eye shadow color?

A: Neutral and less is more. Heavy eye makeup will age you.

Q: Should you wear eyeliner?

A: Dark black seems to be the color of the day. It should be as close to the lash line as possible. Subtle. It gives you more depth and looks like you have more lashes.

Q: Should you wear a heavier than usual mascara?

A: If you know what you’re doing, go for it. Most women don’t, it’s not their thing. So it can look garish or too much. Use an eyelash curler and curl first, then put mascara on.

Q: How do you keep mascara from running if you wear glasses or sunglasses that fog up?.

A: Great Lash mascara works. It’s in every makeup artist’s kit.

Q: What about lipstick or lip gloss? Should you wait until you’re in a no-mask zone to put that on?

A: Yes. Use a lip balm instead. A sheer lipstick or gloss is perfect when you’re in a mask-free zone.

Q: Some women say they have chapped lips.

A: The mask rubs against your lips and dries them out.

Q: Should you bring blotting papers or a compact to reapply your makeup if you’re going to a private home or restaurant?

A: A setting powder in a compact is perfect.

Q: How are you handling the pandemic restrictions with regular clients?

A: I have always been fastidious about sanitation practices. However since the era of Covid-19, I took three sanitation courses to make sure. The only problem I encounter is not being able to try on makeup. The testers are covered. Even in Sephora. I can Facetime and show women how to use what they already own. I can also  recommend makeup you can buy online.

Q: What do you charge and how can people reach you?

A: My hourly rate is $150 and my website is

By Marci Shatzman


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