Boca Bowl went off without a hitch

From college football fans stomping the stands to make their own music, this seventh annual Boca Bowl game went off without a hitch under the lights in FAU Stadium Tuesday.
You would think Provo Utah’s Brigham Young University faithful would be few and far between, vs. University of Central Florida in Orlando. Wrongamundo.
Cougar fans came two hours early to cheer their team’s arrival on buses. By the 7 p.m. kickoff, the stadium was visibly capped for social distancing on both sides, with only an end zone empty.
The BYU faithful brought the kids, booed the refs and literally ran away with the game. With three touchdowns in the first quarter, the final score was 23 to 49.
With no tickets to spare, diehard fans had to watch the ESPN Events game from home or listen on the local ESPN radio. No bands, no cheerleaders and no pre-game hoopla because of Covid this year.
Spirit of Giving, the game’s charity partner, honored the Whelchel family. Mayor Scott Singer did the coin toss. Oshay Nelson’s acapella National Anthem got crowd applause. An animated flag overhead on the blimp. was the major sponsor and will be through 2023.
By Marci Shatzman
Photo is Chloe Kesler, 13 months


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