How to attract buyers to online shop at your site

Online shopping is all the rage. Every day people spend millions of dollars online, whether it’s on Amazon or a small boutique.

Having an E-commerce platform for customers to shop is crucial to any business in this day and age. Especially regarding COVID-19, where many customers were limited by the lack of in-store shopping experiences.

Studies have shown that online shopping is only going to continue to increase at rapid rates. Here are some of my E-commerce marketing tips:

  • Create an email list: Everyone wants to discount. When you sign up for most websites, they offer you a one-time purchase discount in exchange for sending updates on promotions and new arrivals.
  • Create how-to content: Sometimes when you purchase online, it’s hard to tell whether or not an item will work in your life. To give added comfort to your buyer, create a digital option to see how an item will look on their body, or how a piece of furniture will look in a room.
  • Blog about it: The more your customers know about the brand and what’s being offered, the more you will get an instant purchase. When you have no content on the website, customers will be more reluctant to shop with you.
  • Reward your customers: Everyone loves a little surprise, especially if they can enter a giveaway or receive a special promotion. Entice your customers by offering them deals they cannot get anywhere else.
  • Reviews: What are the best ways to grow business? By word-of-mouth. Use reviews on your website and social media to help motivate another purchase.
  • Be user friendly: I can’t stress enough how annoying it is to go to a website you can’t use properly and in a timely manner. Customers want easy access. A quick add to cart and purchase is always the best option. If they want to continue to look around, that’s even better. But give them the satisfaction of knowing they can easily shop with you.

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