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Happy New Year everyone!!! What a year 2020 has been! I hope this year brings you all health and happiness!

A big question I’ve been getting asked by clients is, ‘2021 is here, so now what?’ It’s normally a slow month for everyone and a nationwide pandemic doesn’t help.

This is the time to attract new clientele to your business! People are going from shopping global to shopping local.

Your biggest asset is promotion. There are a bunch of local businesses that have no website, social media or marketing. NOW is the time to get on that.

Since branding is key to any successful business, I figured let’s touch on that for my first article of the year.

  • Website and Social Media: Most to all businesses have them but not all constantly update them. As stupid as it sounds to write it daily people say ‘oh I just forget’ or ‘I don’t know what to post’. Have every and anything accessible for your customer. Some people are strictly shopping online. Create an e-commerce site or a shop via Instagram. This will boost sales tremendously because anyone around the country can shop with you.
  • Go Green: If you run a business that is sustainable or eco friendly, tell the world. People love to support a cause and feel good giving money to someone who is helping the world. It can be as simple as paperless receipts.
  • Rewards: When people see free they are sold! Whether it’s free shipping or gift with purchase, if someone thinks they are getting a deal they will be more impulsive to swipe their credit card.
  • Collaborate: This is the BIGGEST thing I see when businesses want to grow. They don’t want to work with others or know how to. One hand washes the other and working with another local business that complements yours will add a new demographic that you may have never been able to reach. It could be as simple as doing a discount for shopping at both businesses or a full on co-branding collaboration. Don’t be afraid to chat with other local business owners and throw an idea out.

Stay Unfiltered,

Antonio Postorino


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