Here’s your new game plan for 2021

Oh what a year 2020 has been! I think we all thought it would be ‘our’ year and we’re very much mistaken.
So much negative came out of this year to say the least. But I also think a VERY valuable lesson came from it as well. And that is to always be able to pivot into something from what you have.
My tip for 2021 is to put your intentions out into the world. Set goals.
Yes, I know it is silly to make New Year’s resolutions, but I truly believe they help keep you on track.
Here are tips to make sure you’re creating the best goals possible:
• Be realistic. If your goal is to be a billionaire, then how can you do that? Success doesn’t happen overnight.
• Use timeframes. Is your goal weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly? Write it down.
• Create a plan. You will only get lost if you travel down a road without a map.
• Execute. It’s probably the hardest thing to do, but go for it. Write things down and cross it off. For me, the satisfaction always helps when I have it in my face that they are checked off the list.
• Reward yourself. Whether it’s a vacation or even a new pair of shoes. Hard work should be rewarded every now and then.
• ENJOY LIFE. As much as staying focused is important, never lose sight of your true self and enjoy every moment like it’s your last.
Stay Unfiltered,
Antonio Postorino


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