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Connecting with your followers on social media is one of the most important things to do to properly monetize your brand or business.

When I speak to entrepreneurs trying to grow their platform, results are a key indicator of how strong the brand voice resonates with users.

The voice can come from the founder/CEO, or speaking as the brand itself. A great way to engage with your audience is going on Instagram or Facebook Live.

Sometimes the brand owner doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. So, he or she will have someone on the team who can speak about the brand and what it has to offer.

That’s a great way for one-on-one connection with your audience, to not only build a stronger relationship, but hopefully make an ROI [return on investment].

Another great way to benefit from going live is to offer a special promotion for followers who join. That’s basically a consult with tons of other people chiming in. By putting a face and name to a brand, customers will legitimize it even more and remember it for future reference.

Going live on social media also sends a notice to many of your followers immediately, so your name will come up in their Notification Center.

Try it out and go live yourself. Even if you don’t get a ton of feedback right away, share it on your page indefinitely so viewers can go back to see the latest and greatest with your business.

Stay Unfiltered,

Antonio Postorino



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