Gear your online content to summer


Summer is coming and now is the time to prepare your social media and marketing plans. Use summer travels and capitalize on getting your brand directly in your customers’ view.

  • Here are my tips for summer content creation:
    Take advantage of your surroundings. If you’re lucky enough to get content by the beach or in a chic destination, do so. Show off a staycation for those who can’t travel there or would love to see how others are living. Slice a lemon or watermelon and create a picnic scene.
  • Be bright. Use bold colors, prints and patterns to make your social media stand out loud. Target has fun beach towels with the trendiest colors and prints you can use as a prop.
  • Inform your audience. Post helpful summer tips related to your business. Even if you’re selling ski or snow gear, show why buying now can be the absolute best time. Every industry has a hook you can use.
  • Engage your audience. Ask them summer fun questions: Ice cream or Popsicles? Pool or beach?
  • Showcase holidays. Everyone is posting away on holidays and one of the biggest ones is the 4th of July. Many sites have listings of each holiday and national day to include in your promotions.

Have fun and take risks.

Stay Unfiltered,
Antonio Postorino


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