Flag and flagpole rules revised

Flying a flag or plan to in the city of Boca Raton? New rules and regulations were put in place Tuesday as part of the city’s new sign code.

Before Tuesday the code read: “The flying of flags, limited to a total of four in number, provided that such flags shall not be used in such a way as to attract the attention of the public for commercial purposes.”

Existing, permitted flag poles would be “grandfathered” if they do not comply with the new rules, confirmed Development Services director Brandon Schaad.

Council unanimously approved a new code that defined what is considered a flag, the numbers allowed and what can be flown where.

A single-family home or duplex can have one flagpole and three flags. Other buildings can now have up to three flagpoles and three flags per pole but a maximum of four flags.

There are basic display requirements. Flag poles in residential districts cannot exceed a height of 20 feet.

Flag poles in districts other than residential have these restrictions:

Height of building/flag pole height

  • Up to 20 feet/up to and including 25 feet
  • 20 to 50 feet/up to 35 feet
  • More than 50 feet/up to 45 feet

There was no discussion at the council’s virtual meeting and no one from the public called in or submitted comments.

The changes amended Section 28-1313, “Flags and Flag Poles,” Code of Ordinances, to provide regulations for flags and flag poles. If you contact Development Services for more specifics, refer to Ordinance No. 5518.


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