Expert advice for planning ahead

Do you need to bring some remote workers back to the workplace. Or just want better compliance with Covid restrictions at your condo? Or both.

Take it from an experienced HR pro and vice president of Ancillary Operations at Boca Raton Regional Hospital/Baptist Health South Florida.

Here’s Brian Altschuler’s presentation and advice to the Zoom audience of Boca Chamber’s PRIME Professional Group:

  • Can you rotate people now working remotely to avoid the appearance of favoritism? Or does their job require face-to-face? “Go back to their job description. Equity might be difficult.

Look at why you’re making those business decisions and different justifications. Make sure they understand why you need them back.”

  • Reaching agreements: “Involve people in that decision. It’s how you say it. If you help people understand the ‘why,’ it’s easier for them to get onboard.”
  • How to bring workers back: “Everyone doesn’t have to return at 9 a.m. Monday. Phase people back. Make sure everything is in place first.”
  • Preparing the workplace for safety: Modify cubicles and desk social distancing. Ensure HVAC and upgrade cleaning, “whether you’re using a service or the right chemicals to kill germs.” Make sure there’s no shared food or beverage stations, like coffee machines.
  • Workplace screening: “We developed a screening tool, an app that asks three questions to tell if it’s safe to return. We have scanners at entrances. We are careful who we let into the environment.” The hospital also has signage about mask wearing.
  • Put a process in place: “If you put it in writing, it can be challenged. If you put it in writing, make sure you can do that.”
  • Have a humanistic approach: “When we sent people home, we let them take their favorite office chair. We set up tables outside by our lake for our workers to have lunch. We send a cart around with free coffee. Always be kind to everyone.”

By Marci Shatzman


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