Everything you want to know about Boca’s new ice rinks

Boca Ice and Fine Arts Center is getting a lot of buzz. The two-story building with two ice rinks is planned in Peninsula Corporate Center off Congress Avenue. City council just approved rezoning and changes to greenlight the project.

Here’s everything you want to know from owner/operators Hal Jacovitz and Jake Dinov.

Q: Talk about the building.

A/JD: We designed a state-of-the-art facility that will include building safety features to produce a clean-air environment. It will be 65 degrees all year with UVC systems. Sheriff detail security will protect our children and families. We will install high-impact laser lighting and technical effects for public skating sessions.

Q: What’s your timeline for construction and opening?

A/HJ: We are working with our professional engineers to produce permit documents to submit this fall and break ground. Our architect RLC and general contractor Butters Construction will expedite the project where possible. We are targeting completion next fall 2021. Updates will be provided during construction.

Q: Will you have open figure skating times or will the rinks only be open to people who take lessons?

A/HJ: Boca Ice will be open to all children, adults and families. We plan to have figure skating, hockey and public skate times every day in the morning and afternoon. Each session will have a limited number of participants. We will expand the number of sessions to accommodate everyone registered.

Q: What about lessons?

A/HJ: That will include basic learn-to-skate programs and figure-skating sessions. Also, hockey clinics and leagues, dance, ballet and music performance classes.

Q: Explain the fine arts component.

A/JD: We’ve added dance, ballet and music to supplement our ice shows and figure skaters. Local artists and students will be invited to paint outdoor murals at our pedestrian promenade. They can also display their art on our large white walls in the facility seasonally.

Q: You said your coaches for hockey and ice skating will be “national figure champion and NHL alumni player.” Have you already hired them? Can you be more specific about their credentials?

A/HJ: We have hired very high-level coaching for both figure and hockey. Their names will be announced in the spring. We continue to receive interest from coaches through our website email  at

Q: When will you be able give prices?

A/HJ: Our website will be continuously updated with program information and pricing. All our programs will be available to reserve online. We will have a Boca Ice rewards program that will allow simple registration and participation at a discount.

Q: What special events and competitions do you anticipate?

A/HJ: We plan to have seasonal ice shows and some charity fund-raising events during the year. We will host some learn-to-skate, figure, dance, ballet competitions and hockey tournaments.

Q: You’re using a well-known restaurant for your concessionaire.

A/JD: Boca Ice will incorporate healthy food options from our partner at Farmer’s Table for all our guests and athletes. Some other cool, fun activity surprises to be announced later. They include real snow, slides, skiing, laser machines and more.

Q: Will you book any lessons or anything else in advance or will you wait until you open?

A/JD: As we get closer and begin construction, our website will be fully functional with online registration, online membership/rewards. Customers can register, renew, and pay through their accounts via online or through the Boca Ice app. By adding funds to their account, online waivers will allow the skater to scan to their phone. Then they can walk right through our secure entry.

Once we are closer to opening, we will hold several open houses and pre-registration events to provide information.

By Marci Shatzman Image by BlueRock Rendering



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