Entrepreneur spotlight on an eyebrow expert

This week we put the spotlight on Boca Raton entrepreneur Robin Marquez, owner of Sculpted by Robin

Q: How did you go from working for a prestigious brand to creating Sculpted by Robin?

A: I have worked in the eyebrow industry since 2005. I started my career here in Boca Raton in ‘05 and worked for Lancome Brow Studio in Macy’s. I worked there for about five years before becoming recruited to lead Anastasia Beverly Hills as the business manager and head stylist.
I worked with ABH for about six years and I realized people were not coming in looking for anything related to the ABH brand. They were looking for eyebrows by Robin. It was in those moments I realized I had to move forward in my personal growth. SBR, Boca Raton’s premier eyebrow destination was born!
Q: What is your secret to running a successful hyperlocal business?
A: There really is no secret. I believe in being authentic, building meaningful, long- lasting relationships and continuing to love what I do. I feel empowered to learn new services related to eyebrows.
I truly believe in tools such as Instagram to help showcase my brand. Nowadays it’s not about what you “say” you can do, rather what people “see,” Clients are visual, and creating a platform for people to be a part of my journey has really been a true success story for the SBR brand.
Q: How do you make yourself stand out from all of the other brow experts in the area or even nationally?
A: I use social media as a platform to stand out. I’m thankful for tools that, with a simple hashtag you can push your art into the hands and views of potentially anyone, including my high-profile celebrity clientele.
I also believe in being uniquely myself with my art and my clients. I think clients are drawn to me, not only for my talent, but because they recognize I have their best interests at heart. At times, I use my professional expertise to decline sometimes the client’s request for a specific eyebrow. And I create a “recipe,” if you will, for a more natural eyebrow that will be suitable for their specific features. That truly gains their trust. The better way to phrase this question would be, how my clients help me stand out. My commitment to them, and their commitment to me, helps set me apart.
Q: What are the challenges of owning a small business and being a single mom?
A: There are many challenges to building a brand and being a single mom, because I’m often pulled in so many directions. Being a mother is a full-time job in and of itself. Ultimately my children’s wellbeing is my utmost priority.
However, it’s so important for my children to be able to see their mom succeed and be able to multi-task. It teaches them so much about the value of life, time, money and so much more.
Operating a small business can be challenging because there is so much that goes behind its success. I just stay positive, I try to not become overwhelmed and I implement strategies to aid in assisting me.
I love using online booking to alleviate the need to take calls or schedule appointments which is a huge help. I keep orders on monthly scheduled fulfillment. I just stay involved and I truly care about every avenue to my business, so it keeps all of my challenges fun and rewarding.
Q: What’s one piece of advice someone gave to you OR what is something you now know and wished that you knew sooner?
A: I know now by testing out my growth and going out on my own, that I can do it. I AM doing it! As a single mother of two children, completely financially responsible for my little family and running a growing business has made me realize dreams are possible.
I encourage people to truly believe in their dreams. Anything is possible if you want it. The desire is within you to succeed. Life in general brings challenges. Stay focused, stay hungry, connect with like-minded individuals, and never give up.

Remember to stay Unfiltered,
Antonio Postorino


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