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Today’s Entrepreneur Spotlight is on Jaclyn Milford, president and CEO of Women of Wall Street.

Milford started her career in the production side of beauty and fashion before consulting for brands. Women of Wall Street is a global private society of influential women in different industries.

Q: When did you form Women of Wall Street and who do you envision as members?

A: I started Women of Wall Street in the summer of 2017 and officially in 2018. It was the brainchild of myself, my co-founder Krista Kersey and the creative input of Amy Wasserman. Originally, we thought to focus solely on the finance sector, but that quickly changed. Our roster of women currently ranges from tech CEOs to fashion designers, authors, scientists, ballerinas, financial SVPs [senior vice presidents] and more.

Our vision for Women of Wall Street right now, today, is continuing to bring movers and shakers into one shared space to build more brands, open more doors and be a place for shared ideas.

Q: Do you have meetings and gatherings?

A: Women of Wall Street is all about joyous occasions. We get together, we celebrate each other, ourselves and our stories.

Q: Do you have a headquarters?

A: We are based in Florida and New York at the moment and will continue to expand into new states over the next year. Our home is where our heart is and our heart is where there are incredible women who want to carry our mission out in to the world.

Q: How do you envision building your brand?

A: We’ve built our brand purely through word-of-mouth and will continue to focus on growing through connecting. If we are to really change the narrative of how women connect, we have to be intentional and selective, so we keep our space positive.

Q: Is there a membership fee or procedure?

A: Our memberships are launching late this spring and we will have three-tiered systems. They are personalized for the modern-day woman and leader to make her life easier and more enjoyable.

There is an interview process and we are currently putting women on the wait list. We will only have 100 members allowed year one and they will be the founders of the program. They will have long-term special benefits available to them.

Send us a note and we’d be happy to share more with each of you.

Q: What is your long-range plan?

A: Our long-term goal is to see women banding together, supporting each other, mentoring and showing up when one might need another strong woman in their corner.

And we’ve been watching them do it for the last three years.

By Marci Shatzman


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