Boca shelter asks for help to rescue more Puerto Rico dogs

Boca’s Tri County Animal Rescue rescued 80 dogs from earthquake-stricken Puerto Rico over the weekend. But the no-kill shelter wants to rescue even more with the public’s help.

“To continue our rescue efforts on Jan. 21, we are hoping for cash donations,” said Suzi Goldsmith, co-founder and executive director. “It costs $3,254.94 just to bring the dogs here. That doesn’t include vaccinations, spay and neutering. To get each dog ready for adoption costs $400. What we really need is money for the medical expenses we incur.”

The canines already rescued are expected to be ready for adoption in two weeks.

“We’ll rescue more as soon as we have room,” rescue supervisor Paul Motz said at the shelter on Boca Rio Road.

Tri County got the call the dogs were arriving at Miami airport at 10 p.m. They filled two vans. “Twenty volunteers met us and unloaded them. We were here until 2 a.m.” he said Saturday.

It’s always hectic the first day or two until the animals settle down and can be accessed and fed. They’re in quarantine right now in two different buildings.

Motz thought the dogs range from 12 weeks to eight or nine years old. But it was too early to tell. “Once we get them cleaned up, we’ll look at their teeth,” he said.

The breeds range from mixes to chihuahuas to lhasa apso.

They’re examined for dog ills like heart worms. Then vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed and neutered by law, Motz said.

“Normally they’ll be ready in two weeks and we’ll let people know,” he said about their Facebook page and web site: or

By Marci Shatzman


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