Boca benefactor Marleen Forkas birthday salute

What does a theater owner do for her major benefactor’s 90th birthday? Everything.

And Marilynn Wick pulled out all the stops to salute Boca philanthropist Marleen Forkas with a cabaret show of her favorite songs. Emcee Missy McArdle conducted a trivia game of the major events since her birth on Feb. 6.

Frequent Wick emcee Tim Burk donned a wig and one of Forkas’ signature chapeaus. “There are people who give of themselves and then there’s Marleen Forkas,” he said, with the guest of honor front and center.

“Tonight we’re here to honor Marleen Forkas, a generous lady. Memories are everything and we’ll also entertain you for all you have done for Boca,” said owner and executive producer Marilynn Wick.

Forkas was there from day one when she took over the theater, Wick said. Her name is over the bar now, called Marleentini. And she’s a regular at The Wick’s weekend socially distanced supper club before the regular season begins. Wardrobes from the extensive Broadway show and movie costumes collections resume at the theater’s Costume Museum in March.

The guest list included staff from Florida Atlantic University, where the Forkas name is on the alumni center. Andrea Virgin represented the Boca Ballet Theatre board, where Forkas is a major patron. Carole Boucard and Annabel Russell were there as friends and representatives of The Symphonia. Marleen Forkas’ name is also on Camp Kavod for special needs kids for Levis Community Center.

Forkas didn’t make a speech, but her ear-to-ear smiles made it obvious she loved the tribute.

Kimberly Wick did the honors for the finale, with a chocolate birthday cake with sparklers. Another Marleen favorite.

By Marci Shatzman



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