Affordable jeweler opens in Mizner

That necklace in the window of Anna Zuckerman Luxury caught your eye. Or maybe it was a “diamond” bracelet, ring or earrings. But step inside the new store next to Starbucks in Mizner Park and look at the guilt-free price tags. All the jewelry, even tiaras, are affordable. The average price is $199.

“It only looks expensive,” said the owner, who is showing a 4-carat solitaire.

This is Zuckerman’s new flagship, but her sparkly inventory is already featured in 200 stores, including high-end retailers. And her jewelry adorns performers through her west Hollywood location, she said.

If this is starting to sound like an ad, it isn’t. But it’s hard not to get excited about jewelry women can afford for themselves and change with every new outfit. Or as Anna says in her branding, “Every woman deserves to shine.”

Zuckerman was in the fine jewelry business for years when an elaborate diamond and ruby necklace caught her eye in a window. So much so, you could see her nose smudge, she said.

Now she keeps her own version of that necklace in the new store. “The matching ruby chandelier earrings are $299,” she noted.

That incident led her search for a process for her Diamond Crystalline gems, a high-grade, coated cubic zirconia “to make it sparkle,” set in platinum-plated sterling silver.

The “diamonds” are paired with colored look-alike gemstones from rubies to sapphires to emeralds. Designs range from jewelry appropriate for a bat mitzvah teen to a red carpet look that included new Grammy Award winner Megan Thee Stallion, Zuckerman said. “We cover every style from Bollywood to classic and vintage,” she noted.

The showroom’s a gem itself, Zuckerman likes to point out. The turquoise and malachite panels are the creation of her husband Leonard’s company Albanese & Sons Builders, a Boca Raton developer.

By Marci Shatzman


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